Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry offers your customers the opportunity to create the kind of jewelry that speaks to their personality, tastes and style.

Custom jewelry making steps;


First, you’ll need to collect as much information about the client’s intended piece of jewelry.


The custom jewelry manufacturer will make a wax model of the client’s order. This allows the manufacturer to quickly and easily make any changes that the customer might request. Once the client is happy with the wax casting, the manufacturer can move on to the next step of the custom jewelry process.


Using 3D jewelry design software offers a more in-depth and accurate method for creating a piece of jewelry that exactly meets the client’s specific criteria. With 3D jewelry design software, the manufacturer will use computer-aided designs (or CAD) to carefully construct the jewelry. The customer can then review the designs and, if he or she likes it, the custom jewelry manufacturer can move on to the next step.

Fabricating a piece of Jewelry

The manufacturer uses fabricating techniques to construct the custom jewelry. This ensures that the manufacturer can create a piece of jewelry that is as accurate as possible to the client’s description.


Once the jewelry has been constructed, the manufacturer will “finish” off the piece by polishing the metals and ensuring that any gemstones are sparkling with their maximum potential.