Laser Drilling

What is Laser Drilling?

Laser Drilling is a diamond enhancement process that removes any black or colored inclusions on a diamond. Over the last thirty years, independent jewelers have had the great fortune to be exposed to a wider range of technology that both improves and enhances the look of a diamond – including laser drilling.

What does Laser Drilling do?

Laser Drilling offers consumers a wider range of visibly perfect diamonds. It is also an amazing process in itself - especially considering that diamonds are among the hardest materials in the world! It develops the appearance of the Diamond and makes the diamond look flawless from the inside out. There’s no chance that any particles can get in through the laser hole, as it’s far too small. Laser drilling allows the jeweler to drill through the diamond and vaporize the visible inclusion. Some jewelers remove any remaining hints of inclusions by boiling the diamond in acid after vaporizing the larger inclusion tunnels. The tunnel created by the drilling process was remarkably small – in fact, they’re often no bigger than the width of a human hair. This makes it utterly impossible for the naked eye to detect the tunnel, unless it’s put under a powerful microscope. As an independent retailer, it might be in your best interests to let your customers in on the diamond industry’s biggest secret.