Ring Engraving

If your customer is looking for a special surprise for their sweetheart, then suggest ring engraving as a wonderful way to show how much he cares. Ring engraving is a great way to personalize any piece of jewelry, and is surprisingly easy to do. Hand engraving is typically done with a tiny tool known as a graver, which resembles a tiny chisel. Using the graver, the jeweler will engrave the line of text or dates that your customer specifically requested. Jewelry manufacturers may also opt to use machine engraving, as this is a much more efficient way to engrave rings. To engrave a ring with a machine, the jeweler will simply load a pre-selected template into the machine (which is developed via computer-aided design, or CAD), place the ring in the engraving spot and let the machine do the rest of the work.

Ring engraving is a wonderful way to expand your clientele base, as more consumers are interested in personalized engagement rings and wedding bands.